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Get Rid Of Bullies: Follow The Lead Of Fairy Tales Heroes! Hardcover Book


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Read about fairy-tale villains like Cinderella's stepsisters, the Ogre from Tom Thumb, or the Wolf from the Three Little Pigs, and most importantly, how the protagonist overcame their teasing and threats.

One of the issues children face from a very young age is bullying. That's why it becomes very important for them to be prepared, and this book comes in to help! The first "bullies" the children meet are, in fact, the evil villains of fairy tales. But they can always be defeated. In the book, they’ll encounter many different types of fairy-tale bullies. They’ll find out why they act the way they do and what makes them so mean. Sometimes jealous sorceresses, angry ogres, and menacing wolves aren't so different from the bullies children might meet at school, in the park, on the soccer field, or on the Internet. The problem is that bullies can be hard to recognize. That's where fairy tales can help. Some of these tales will be familiar, while others will be completely new. As the child reads each one, see if they can identify the bully and how the hero deals with them.

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