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The Art of Painting and Drawing Animals

The Art Of Painting And Drawing Animals


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The Art of Painting and Drawing Animals [Fredric Sweney]

Thousands of years after man first recorded his impressions of animals on cave walls, artists are still attempting to reproduce images of these incredibly diverse creatures of land, sea, and air. This guide by an award-winning artist is designed to aid painters at all skill levels to draw and paint wildlife with precision and accuracy.
Fredric Sweney begins by using the horse as the basis for understanding the physical structure of animals, while the wild duck serves as the model for the configuration, wing construction, and flight characteristics of birds. More than 260 illustrations, many in full color, along with step-by-step details, make it easier and more enjoyable than ever to paint dogs, cats, oxen, deer, bears, birds, goats, and more exotic animals — in every size and shape.
An invaluable guide to zoological anatomy, ideal for beginners as well as advanced artists, this complete, practical reference will also serve as an excellent resource for resolving commonplace problems of artistic composition.

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