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Construct a Clock
Construct a Clock
Construct a Clock
Construct a Clock

Construct A Clock


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SCIENCE MADE FUN: This kids' construction set is an ingenious way to encourage your child's cognitive development as they learn how gears work. Build a clock within 10 minutes, wind it up and watch it run for over 8 hours. It's wonderful for introducing me

This brightly colored clock can be constructed in 10 minutes Not only will it teach your kids how gears and cogs work, it will also help them learn to tell time and its colorful construction will add life to any kids' bedroom. It is spring-driven so no batteries required a" once you've finished construction just wind it up and watch the cogs turn and tick away! It will run for over 8 hours with one winding a" then your child can reset the time, rewind the clock and away it goes again. A great way to teach kids from ages 6-10 about time and how gears work!

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