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Search and Find: Woodland (Paperback)


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This beautifully illustrated activity book is full of adorable woodland creatures for kids to spot and count.

Filled with over 80 colorful and varied scenes, this delightful book will appeal to curious children who love to explore nature and their environment. Each scene includes prompts which suggest what to look for, but kids can also enjoy finding their favorite animals, including baby otters, chipmunks, hedgehogs and more.

These activities will help with:
• Identifying different woodland animals
• Practicing counting
• Reinforcing color learning

Some animals even appear in black and white so kids can color them in.

This fun and accessible book rewards patience and careful observation. Engaging with these varied puzzles is the perfect way for children to improve their visual skills, concentration levels, and attention to detail.

A fantastic gift for children aged 4+ which will spark their interest in the natural world.

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