Unicorn Dream Set (assorted)

Grape & Strawberry Nerds


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Tiny, tangy, and crunchy: grape and Strawberry Nerds provide a delicious assortment of seriously strawberry and gotta have it grape flavors. Enjoy some sweet satisfaction with the tiny, tangy crunchy candy that is as unique as You are
Dual combinations: with its mind-blowing contrast of strawberry and grape, Nerds Dual chamber is a combination of color, texture, and taste best described as a unique candy celebration.Great for sharing: Nerds provide a delicious assortment of sweet and tangy flavors. They're an awesome way to satisfy your cravings, and they're great for sharing
Try them all: from original Nerds to Nerds Ropes to our crunchy-and-chewy big chewy Nerds and with flavors ranging from Sweet To sour, try out all the varieties of this legendary candy

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