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Multi-Way Tug-of-War Game


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Who will be the victor? Now up to four players at a time can enjoy this twist on the classic competitive and fun outdoor game of tug-of-war! Instead of a rope as in traditional tug-of-war, our Multi-Way Tug-of-War Game uses a 14' circ. strong elastic latex tube covered with a multi-colored fleece fabric that won't hurt children as they play. Step inside this bright stretchy band, and test the laws of motion as you run in opposite directions and try to grab your ball first!

Play is simple—place up to four cones at opposite corners of your playing field (please play on a soft surface), and top each cone with a ball. The goal? Be the first player to snag your ball using strength and coordination! Play one on one, or work together as a team (suggested ways to play are included). Like a football drill, this game is also a fun way to increase speed and agility.

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