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Did you know that the ABC's can get you in trouble? Yep! They can. Chikere (Che-KEH-re) knows. Her eyes are saying she might need glasses. She needs to see a doctor, who will want her to read. Yep! this could be trouble. "The ABC's of Reading is one of the short, short stories in "Eyes Can Talk." The second short, short story is "Little Is Sleepy." No matter what Little's eyes are telling grandmother, he is not sleepy. Inside "Eyes Can Talk", the short, short stories are the lens of a pair of glasses. The first story is the right lens, and the second story is left lens. The lens of glasses are held together by a nose bridge. There is a bridge that takes us from the first story, "The ABC's of Reading" to the second story, "Little Is Sleepy." The stories are funny, funny, the bridge is not. You have a wise owl who helps you cross the bridge.

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