My Christmas Wish For You (Hardcover)
My Christmas Wish for You

My Christmas Wish For You (Hardcover)


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PreS-K—A narrator wishes readers a rhyming list of pleasant thoughts, feelings, and experiences for the Christmas season. Large-eyed children in shades of brown and tan engage in common holiday seasonal activities: playing in the snow, opening presents, drinking hot chocolate, and singing together. Characters all share the same features and clothing, just in different hues. Most scenes are indistinct from one page to another—dark blue sky, pale blue snow, white asterisk stars—so that the book begins to feel like one long greeting card. The sentiments are sweet, but many of the rhymes have been achieved by creating awkward constructions. ("The hope that this Christmas/Saint Nick with his sack/will stop at your chimney/and slide down the stack"). VERDICT This title adds nothing new to the Christmas canon.—Rachel Owens, O'Neal Library, Birmingham, AL

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