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warmies Penguin Cozy Plush Heatable Lavender Scented Stuffed Animal


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This adorable penguin does things other plush friends can't! It is a Warmie, which means he can go in the microwave to have his special internal pouch heated up for soothing heat therapy. The internal pouch is filled with a special blend of carefully dried and cleaned flaxseed and aromatic French lavender buds, so it stays warm for up to 45 minutes, providing youngsters with soothing, safe, and gentle heat. This can be great for a comforting feeling after taking a bath, putting on PJs, or providing comfort after a fall from a bike or on a sick day from school. And you're never too old for a Warmie, so don't think you can enjoy this just because you aren't a kid anymore!

Most people use these for heat, but you can also freeze it for cold therapy. After all, it is more fun than a bag of ice, or even a bag of frozen peas! Simply place it in a plastic bag and throw it in the freezer for 30 minutes, and it will gently cool a boo-boo.

You can micrwoave a Warmie hundreds of times, just be sure and follow the instruction printed on the tag, because overheating one will permanently damage it. For care, do not ever submerge a Warmie in water or machine wash, because that will ruin the interior pouch. Instead, simply spot clean on the surface with a damp sponge. If you want to refresh the lavender scent, you can always apply a little lavender oil to the outside. This will not damage the fabric and is a safe and effective way to give it a little more lavender fragrance.

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