Creatibles Diy Air Dry Clay Kit 15 Pc Set
Infinity Mirror - Creator
Infinity Mirror - Creator
Infinity Mirror - Creator
Infinity Mirror - Creator
Infinity Mirror - Creator

Infinity Mirror - Creator - Heebie Jeebies


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Produce your own funhouse illusion with this fascinating and fun resource. Just a few minutes of work is all it takes to set up some mirror magic! Construction is straightforward and consists of putting together a wood frame, lining it with the LED strip, and attaching the two mirror pieces with screws. Once assembled, see the lights reflect endlessly, creating a 3-D tunnel of illumination! If you fiddle around with the back of the mirror a bit, you can bend the illusion into wonky shapes. It makes me feel like I’m in a psychedelic wonderland! If you or your kiddo like this kit, why not try looking into tutorials for DIY infinity mirrors and jointly build a large-scale rainbow-lit home decor item? The LED strip that lines the mirror is powered by a USB cable, so having a computer or wall-socket-to-USB converter is necessary to enjoy this kit. It’s also helpful to have a small screwdriver on hand when putting this kit together. Mirror measures about 6.5” long x 6.5” tall. Kit includes wooden frame, 3 wooden attachment pieces for the frame, 1 strip of sandpaper, 1 LED strip with adhesive backing, 1 reflective mirror, 1 translucent mirror, 3 bolts, 3 nuts, 1 USB power plug, and illustrated/written instructions
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