Snow Sector Winter Fun Super Set
Snow Sector Winter Fun Super Set

Snow Sector Winter Fun Super Set


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Winter Fun Super Ultimate Set 17 Piece for Kids. Make a glow-in-dark snowman with glow eyes, carrot nose, and buttons included. You can create beautiful designs in the snow with snow molds with a super cool bear face that is fun. You can be more traditional and make with other molds snow crystals, snow bunny, and a snow rainbow mold. The snow crystal looks awesome. When you finish your molds you can use your snow sprinklers with different colors and spray different colors on your molds to give them a cool design. Made for the precise snow artist as the sprinkler spray can be adjusted to make nice color patterns in the snow or on your snow molds. You get Crazy Ice Bubbles Der Fun! This special winter bubble solution is Outdoor Fun. Bubbles you can catch, that last longer than regular bubbles, you get more bubbles every time, fly far, and they freeze differently with cool looks every time!

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