Picwits! Silly & Sweet
PicWits! Silly & Sweet
PicWits! Silly & Sweet

Picwits! Silly & Sweet


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Enjoy the sweeter side of PicWits with this funny-for-all picture game! Players try to match their adorable or silly picture cards with the judges caption card. The winner all depends on your perspective! Each round reveals new bright and colorful picture cards depicting the sunny and silly sides of life, encouraging a little creativity to find the best match for the caption card. This hilarious, easy-to-learn party game is filled with enjoyable comparisons that all walks of life can enjoy!

Strengthens creativity, language, category identification and comparison
4 or more players
Easy-to-learn and family-friendly party game created with all ages in mind
Includes 504 glossy full-color photo cards and 144 caption cards
Play time: 30 minutes

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