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Spectrum Math Workbook, Grade 8


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Spectrum’s 8th-grade math workbook is a great way for eighth-graders to learn essential math skills such as learning the Pythagorean Theorem, geometry, rational and irrational numbers, and more through a variety of problem-solving activities that are both fun AND educational! “Using and rewriting exponents”, “solving word problems”, and “linear equations” are a few of the fun activities that incorporate math in everyday settings to help inspire learning. Pretests, posttests, a mid-test, final test, and an answer key are included in the 8th grade math workbook to help track your child’s progress along the way before moving on to new and exciting math lessons. The 160-page math workbook is sized at about 8.5 inches x 11 inches—giving your child plenty of space to complete each exercise.

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