Practice Makes Perfect: Reading Comprehension (gr. 2)
Start To Finish: Word Searches (gr. 2-3)

Start To Finish: Word Searches (Gr. 2 - 3)


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This series helps children to improve mastery of important skills such as number recognition, guessing/estimating, and word skills through entertaining yet age appropriate activities. A short introduction is provided for the parent/teacher and highlights the importance and applications of the skill set being covered. While certain skills such as mazes and crosswords are pretty straight forward and simply progress in difficulty level throughout the book, the other skills books contain an assortment of exercises focusing on different applications of the skill. For example, the activities in the matching book are divided by the following categories: concepts (What belongs? Same and different? etc.), shapes & sizes, numbers & counting, and letters & sounds. Each book contains 50+ activities on perforated pages. Each book is reproducible, 64 pgs. Answer key included

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