Spectrum Reading (1) Book

Spectrum Reading (1) Book


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• Ages 6–7, Grade 1

• 158 pages, 10.7 inches x 8.3 inches

• Full-color, illustrated fiction and nonfiction stories and passages

• Passage reviews and exercises

• Answer key included

FOCUSED PRACTICE: Spectrum’s First Grade Reading Workbook provides focused reading practice to strengthen your first grader's ability to understand, process, and analyze fiction and nonfiction passages. This 158-page workbook helps kids enhance their reading comprehension skills through engaging illustrated texts with challenging exercises and discussion questions.

CORRELATED TO CURRENT STATE STANDARDS: This standards-based workbook helps your child build fluency and proficiency in core reading concepts, including understanding and identifying phonemes, using context clues to determine the meaning of words and phrases, identifying the main topic and retelling supporting key details in informational texts, and retelling stories to show understanding of central messages, characters, settings, and major events. 

HOW IT WORKS: Students read through short, on-level passages and answer thought-provoking questions to teach critical thinking skills and help improve their reading habits. Exercises and activities throughout this effective and engaging workbook extend your child's understanding of letters, sounds, word recognition, sight words, key ideas, and details to build confidence in reading competency.

WORKING TOGETHER: This English language arts workbook provides parents and teachers the opportunity to work one-on-one with their students or to allow students to set their own pace as they navigate nonfiction and fiction texts. The more advanced vocabulary in the nonfiction section may challenge reading skills and require the help of a parent or teacher. An answer key is provided to assess student understanding and success.

WHY SPECTRUM: For more than 20 years, Spectrum has provided solutions for parents who want to help their children get ahead and for teachers who want their students to meet and exceed set learning goals; the workbooks are also an excellent resource for homeschooling. Spectrum partners with you in supporting your child’s educational journey every step of the way.

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